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Who we are

The family-owned company PalladinGold™ was founded in 2016. Its founder, Sergey Kostin, created new jewellery alloys based on precious metals, using his experience for the aerospace industry. PalladinGold™ 850 and PalladinGold™ 950 - are unique alloys based on the noble metal palladium. His daughter Anna, a bachelor in arts and a jeweller by second education, consults clients and coordinates individual projects.



  • Maori
  • Suprema
  • Decorative Crosses
  • Möbius Strip

The inspiration of the «Maori» collection was the culture of the indigenous people of New Zealand. The collection consists of pendants, each of which represents a traditional symbol of the Maori people and carries a sacred meaning.


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The new collection "Suprima" was inspired by the direction of avant-garde art of the beginning of the 20th century - Suprematism. A distinctive feature of this direction is the use of geometric abstractions. Due to the hardness of our alloys, PalladinGold™ was able to reproduce pronounced geometric shapes with sharp edges that do not fade with time, like in jewellery made of “soft” alloys.

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Decorative crosses from our jewellery studio is not quite ordinary. They are bilateral, which means that one pendant can be combined with even more looks.
Decorative Crosses

The inspiration of the collection of wedding rings "Möbius Strip" was the three-dimensional figure, which has only one side and one border. The mysterious geometrical figure seems to be talking about the interconnectedness and infinity of everything in our world. In the same way, a man and a woman bind their destinies to follow along the same path.

Möbius Strip
PalladinGold™ 850 and PalladinGold™ 950

Ideal alternative to white gold:

  • contain 85% and 95% of precious metal Pd
  • hard as low-alloyed steel
  • resistant to mechanical impacts
  • ideal for bold design ideas
  • noble metallic colour persists for a long time
  • hypoallergenic


Customised jewellery

  • Design
  • Gem hunting
  • Production
  • Finished jewellery


The applied methods and technologies guarantee that the finished jewellery piece will be created in accordance with the designer’s ideas.

Готовое изделие


Studs "Fairy Tale"

Diamond studs from the new collection "Suprima".

Studs should be in the jewellery wardrobe of every lady, as they are a kind of magic wand: they fit perfectly with absolutely any look.

Bilateral cross "Gracefulness"

Decorative bilateral cross. One side of it is decorated with pink sapphires, the other side shines with the nobility of the precious metal.

The design of the cross and pink gems make it elegant, delicate, tender. The ideal model for those who do not like bulky jewelry.

Bilateral cross
«Wave» Ring
«Wave» Ring

Big, but at the same time elegant, this «Wave» ring with rubies will attract attention of everyone thanks to its unusual design.

«Star» Ring

Elegant ring with a single sapphire. Due to the metal edging around the stone, the ring looks like a star. The absence of other gems makes sapphire the centre of the composition.

«Star» Ring

Why we

  • Jewellery alloys invented and produced by our company only
  • The advantages of our alloys are patented
  • Jewellery made of our alloys does not cause allergies
  • suppliers of materials and gems
  • Wide range of services
  • Individual consultations
  • cleaning and polishing of jewellery once a year
PalladinGold™ patented


  • For the first time in 16 years, the value of palladium exceeded the value of gold.
    05.12.2018 For the first time in 16 years, the value of palladium exceeded the value of gold.
  • Sergey Kostin participated in the annual conference, where he spoke about the new jewellery alloys
    12.10.2017 Sergey Kostin participated in the annual conference, where he spoke about the new jewellery alloys