Conditions of sale

I. General.

The following Conditions of Sale that are represented in this document are the rules that are followed by PalladinGold™ and which are applicable to the sale conducted by the company (founded and existing according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and placed at Pokrovka 33/22, office 435, Moscow, Russia, 101000). The following Conditions of Sale are only applied to the PalladinGold™ jewellery that was purchased either at the offline point of sale or online. From time to time PalladinGold™ can change the Condition of Sale, at its sole discretion. The Conditions of Sale are applicable to any orders that were made through the Client Centre by one of our employees on your behalf or via the website by yourself. In case you wish to place an order via the website, when registering with us, you would automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions, including these Conditions of Sale. Customers who wish to use the Client Centre and/or the website understand that they are also liable to our Privacy Policy (link).

II. Purchase Eligibility.

In order to have the right to place an order through the Client Centre or the website you have to:

In case you do not satisfy one or more of those rules, you can have a guarantor who could do it on your behalf, who would agree and accept our Terms and Conditions. In case at least one of those rules is violated, your order will not be accepted by PalladinGold™. When placing your order through the Client Centre or on the website you confirm and guarantee that PalladinGold™ jewellery is purchased for your use and that you are not buying it to resell it with the purpose to make a profit. PalladinGold™ reserves a right to refuse an order, if there is any base to think that this is the case.

III. Product availability.

All the orders made through the Client Centre or the website will be the subject to the acceptance of an order by PalladinGold™ and the availability. PalladinGold™ reserves the right to change the assortment (change and offer new collections), as well as the quantity of the jewellery items at the points of sale and on the website. You can obtain information about availability of a product through the Client Centre or on the website. Please be advised that only those products that have «Add to chart» button can be ordered through the website. You can also contact the Client Centre, where one of our employees will provide you with the information you require and assist the process of purchasing.

IV. Registration on the website.

Personal data. In order to be able to order a product via the website or through the Client Centre, you or our employee (on your behalf) will have to fill in online some fields with personal information to create an account. This information consists of your legal name, your phone number, your email, as well as your confirmation that you have reached the age of the majority. This information is required to process your order. As soon as the process of registration is over you will receive an email with an activation link. Please, be advised that after the registration this is your responsibility to keep your log in and password safe. PalladinGold™ is not responsible for a use of your account by other people. PalladinGold™ reserves the right to change the information that is required for the registration process. You will be informed about such changes several days prior they will come onto force via email or you will be able to find them on our website. If you wish to find out how we can use your personal data, please go to Privacy Policy. If the information you have provided is out of date, we kindly ask you to update it via your account. You can also contact us (phone or email) to change your personal data. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if there is suspicious activity coming from your account, PalladinGold™ will shut down your account and you will be informed via an email or a phone.

V. Orders.

The process of ordering an item is the following: When you choose a product, you can add it to your chart when pressing a button indicating this action. After you have done this you can either keep looking through the website and adding other items (however, pay attention to the availability) or go to your chart to modify your order to proceed to check out. If you order through the Client Centre, the same procedure will be done for you on your behalf by one of our employees. However, another information from you may be required, such as your actual address, your billing address (if it differs from your actual address), payment method. You guarantee that such information is true and up to date by providing it to us. PalladinGold™ and/or our partners may collect some other information for safety purposes, as well as for preventing any attempts to commit fraud. Please, read our Privacy Policy (ссылка) to find out more.

VI. Validation of your personal data.

Confirmation of an order. Before you place your order through the Client Centre or on the website, please, check if all the information you have provided is true and correct. PalladinGold™ will confirm your order. Be advised that PalladinGold™ can refuse an order (clause 2).

VII. Payment.

Payment at the point of sale contains 2 methods:

VIII. Confirmation of an order.

As soon as you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation in a form of an email. It will contain the number of your order that you have to keep until you get your order.

IX. Delivery.

We would like you to pay attention to the fact that PalladinGold™ does not deliver jewellery neither within Russia or outside it. You would have to visit the point of sale in order to collect it personally.

X. Invoices.

According to the Russian Federation law 54-ФЗ «О применении контрольно-кассовой техники» (About the use of controlled cashiers), when you buy any jewellery item from PalladinGold™ at the point of sale you will receive an invoice of a purchase, its electronic copy which will be sent to your email address. This invoice will also be sent to the Tax Inspection. If you order online you will receive and e-mail containing your invoice, which be also sent to the Tax Inspection.

XI. Return process.

The jewellery you purchased from PalladinGold™ cannot be returned. However, they can be changed for similar ones if there was an idusrtrial defect.

XII. Manufacture’s guarantee.

PalladinGold™ does everything possible to make sure that every jewellery pieces produced is made according to our and governmental quality standards.

XIII. Repairs.

To find out more about the repair process, please contact us via email or phone.

XIV. Legal guarantee.

As a consumer you have rights that are established on a governmental level. These Condition of Sale does cancel them.

XV. The accuracy of price and the description of products.

PalladinGold™ tries to verify all prices indicated on the website, in catalogues and in advertising. However, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. The final price will be indicated in an email with the confirmation of your order. If that price is higher that the one on the website, then contact PalladinGold™ to solve the problem. PalladinGold™ tries also to do everything possible so that price, photos and videos represented ont he website are accurate, however, is not responsible if mistakes occur.

XVI. Governing law.

These Condition of Sale were created with an accordance to the governing law of the Russian Federation.

XVII. Jurisdiction.

You can bring proceeding against PalladinGold™ in the court. In its turn PalladinGold™ can do the same against you. Both parties can try to regulate the situation about products, about these Condition of Sale or other questions on their own within 30 days before proceeding to the court.