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Palladium ring with emeralds

Stock Number: СУП181105020001
32 000* RUB * The price of the product varies depending on the chosen size, as well as gems.

Ring with emeralds from the collection "Suprima". The ring has sharp geometric edges that do not fade with time due to the hardness of our precious alloys.

Thanks to their small width, rings from the "Suprima" collection can be combined with each other to create a unique look.

This ring can be viewed and purchased in our studio. You can arrange a meeting by phone, email or via the feedback form. If you haven't found gems you are interested in, contact us and we will help you find what you are looking for.

*The colour of the ring and gems in the pictures may differ from the colour of the finished jewellery.

  • Characteristics
    • Clear
      PalladinGold™ 950
  • How to view the product?
    • In order to be able to view the product, you will have to visit a point of sale of PalladinGold™ jewellery.

  • How to buy?
    • Information about this product is an offer for sale. The actual conclusion of the contract, as well as the viewing of the product take place in our point of sale. You can choose a product you like, inform us about your choice and visit our offline store to view it and to purchase it after.

  • Delivery
    • Contact the Client Centre.