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Let’s get known each other.

28.05.2017 Просмотров: 383 Let’s get known each other. PalladinGold jewellery palladium

Welcome to the blog of PalladinGold! Its main aim is to provide you with interesting and useful information regarding the jewels and the jewellery industry in general.

However, before we start to dip into the details, we would like to tell you a little more about our brand and this is what our first post will be dedicated to.

- Who we are?

PalladinGold is a jewellery brand that was established in 2014 by Sergey Kostin. However, it is worth mentioning that PalladinGold is not just a jewellery business, it is a unique alloy based on palladium and out of which we create our jewellery. Though one may ask what is unique about this alloy. The thing is that as a precious alloy PalladinGold is really strong, which means that jewellery items made of it are less likely to be scratched and keep shining for longer.

- How everything began.

Human curiosity doesn’t know any limits. It serves as a source for big discovery in many cases, as well as it is the engine of the progress in general. The creation of PalladinGold is not an exception. The question that required an answer was the following: «Is it possible to create such an alloy, which will be precocious and strong simultaneously?». This where a series of long, successful and not really experiments has begun. The main aim of them was to find an answer to the question. Then, after a while, it appeared, PalladinGold - an alloy based on palladium, which is as precious as his famous family members (read also «Palladium, Platinum, Gold and Silver - members of the same family»), and as strong as the steel!

- Why palladium?

People often ask us why palladium. The thing is that palladium is one of the four precious metals, however, it is extremely underestimated. It can be added to other alloys, such as white gold, for example, however, palladium jewellery pieces are quite rare. That is why we have decided to make palladium our main element at this point. We also should mention though that we are not going to stop and will keep experimenting.

- Why PalladinGold?

We would like to cover two aspects here, which speak in favour of the choice of PalladinGold.

+ Firstly, as it has already been said this alloy is strong. This allows us not to cover our jewellery with a rhodium coat, consequently, our jewellery keeps shining for longer.

+ Secondly, this is ligatures we add. Not only the quality of them is controlled by us, there are produced by us. In other words, we know exactly what is in our jewellery and we can claim their «purity» and hypoallerginicity.

We hope that the post has not only introduced us to you, as well as given something to think about, but has also interested you in a technical side of the production of the jewellery. Stay tuned in and you will find out more new and interesting things and facts!

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